“Daddy, what are you going to do about that?” Patrick’s 5-year-old daughter asked him this question after seeing a news report about the shooting of a little girl. With that simple yet profound question, Patrick found his life’s purpose. "Put people to work and revitalize communities." OX has given him the perfect opportunity to do exactly that.

Positive Business and Community Impact

Patrick Anderson founded OX Bottling with the vision and commitment to proactively provide job opportunities to the local community and to aid in the revitalization of under-served neighborhoods on Chicago's West Side. Patrick is affiliated with like-minded local and national organizations who focus on building job opportunities in order to improve living and working conditions in under-served areas.  Now a 20+ year veteran of the manufacturing industry, Patrick has combined that big-hearted commitment with all of the industry’s best practices to build a company that brings revitalization and development to the community, by working with the community.

“There is a long-term purpose for this business beyond bottling.” - Patrick T. Anderson, Founder


OX Bottling is committed to community development through its partnership with local reliability maintenance services organizations. Our goal is to provide technical training for mechanical and operational mastery to the workforce in the surrounding neighborhoods. Our in-house reliability maintenance program will generate highly trained operators equipped with the knowledge to avoid the costs and consequences of unforeseen equipment breakdowns, unnecessary stoppages, and inefficient changeovers. The training facility will also be made available to the community (local high schools for example) and other training organizations to develop the job skills required for employment within the industry, both within OX Bottling, and in other local factories.

OX is proudly affiliated with the following:

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